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The term Silhouette comes from the name Etienne de Silhouette a French finance minister.

Special Events

Silhouettes originated in the 1700’s as an inexpensive alternativ to oil paintings.

Silhouette portraits make a great school fundraising project for parents and other family members. Silhouettes of You will be happy to help you organize an event.


How does it work for schools?

- Contact SilhouettesOfYou.com to assist picking out a date.

- Two weeks before the event, we will send you “Order Forms” to send home with each child.

- Parents who wish to participate return their order forms to you by the specified date.

- On that day you take a quick snapshot of each child's profile.

- The profiles and order forms are sent back to us where the silhouettes are cut completely freehand.

- Each silhouette is mounted, signed, and framed based on the parents instructions and returned to the school within 4 to 6 weeks.


Can it be a surprise?

Absolutely! One of the most common techniques employed by schools is to not tell the parents what they are doing and then send the silhouettes home as a surprise just before one of the holidays.


How much can the organization make?

Typically the school can make somewhere between $1 and $4 per student.. Some of the factors influencing your profit are how much you decide to charge for the silhouettes, how many children participate, the type of fundraiser (standard or surprise), and whether you are able to take digital pictures of the children.


Do you have parent order forms available?

Yes, please go to the Order Forms page (here) for a list of available forms.  The actual forms are password protected, so you will need to contact us to actually view them.



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